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  • Badiuzzaman Bay

    The writer is a member of the editorial team at The Daily Star.

  • Bangladesh's beauty spots and how not to destroy them

    I was in Bandarban towards the end of this April. An extended holiday weekend had just begun, with fatigued tourists crossing hundreds of miles from around the country to reach this dreamy south-eastern district of Bangladesh.
  • Time to talk about teenage suicide

    The curse of growing up with literature is that you find something to romanticise about even in the saddest human experience.
  • We are poor but so many

    That's the title of a book published in 2005, by an Indian writer who has dedicated her life to fighting for labour rights and women's
  • Is the right to natural death too much to ask for?

    At this time, in this city, on this land along the shore of the Bay of Bengal, the angel of death works double time. There is always someone to kill, someone to trap or exploit, someone to drive crazy, someone expendable. How else will you explain the seismic waves of tragedies, misfortunes and betrayals that are breaking on our shores every day? How else will you justify your existence in a country so self-righteously preening itself over its moral credentials when, clearly, it is being dominated by thugs, rapists, and misanthropes?
  • Celebrating common threads

    A society's culture can be broadly defined as its “way of life”—beliefs and customs generally shared by the people of that particular