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  • Badiuzzaman Bay

    The writer is a member of the editorial team at The Daily Star.

  • Living in the la-la land of rumours

    Rumour is the new buzzword in Bangladesh's political lingo after it was thrust back into the limelight in October when students launched a nationwide movement for road safety. Since then, the government has launched a crusade against rumours, going to great lengths to monitor and suppress them.
  • Journalism's darkest hour and a roadmap to its survival

    Director Steven Spielberg's 2017 newsroom thriller The Post, set in the 1970s America when a group of journalists try to expose a massive cover-up of government secrets about the Vietnam War, beautifully captures the tension between the press and a corrupt administration.
  • Digital Security Act: From the frying pan into the fire

    Bad news: The law that will dictate your digital life for the foreseeable future is finally here.
  • Uri Avnery: The face of exemplary journalism

    Uri Avnery, the Israeli activist-journalist who famously played chess with the Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat, died in Tel Aviv on August 20, at the age of 94.
  • The cost of a heavy-handed approach

    As we mark the end of one month since a unique children-driven movement caused by a traffic accident stopped a city of 18 million, an 18th-century quote by the English poet Alexander Pope hits home.