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  • Atiqur Rahman

  • The end game of Trump politicking

    The campaign for presidential election in the USA is turning out to be rather bizarre. It is divisive, fraught with deception, lies and anger, the kinds of which have never been seen before in US elections.
  • US Presidential Election: Unexpected twists or masterly staging of a reality show?

    The USA has been in turmoil in recent months with the Black Lives Matter activism, police brutality, countrywide pro-diversity protests, show of strength by right-wing activists (mostly white supremacists), with federal forces using heavy-handed tactics to “restore law and order”, and a president seeking divine blessings with the Bible in his hands in front of a church.
  • The increasing ‘burden’ of the elderly in Bangladesh

    The world’s population is ageing, and so is Bangladesh’s.
  • The pandemic of incivility: Can we stop it from afflicting our country?

    Bengal of the past was often eulogised for its culture, religious harmony, tolerance and prosperity. During the Islamic Bengal Sultanate, founded in 1352, Bengal was a major trading nation in the world. It was a growing “civilisation” and a mighty one too. Bengal was called Gangaridae by the Greeks, and Greek historians noted that Alexander the Great withdrew from India anticipating a counter attack from an alliance of Gangaridae.
  • The hypes and the hopes

    The damage inflicted by Covid-19 globally is not just the growing toll of infections and deaths, the overstrained healthcare workers and the sector. It is much more (economic, social, psychological and political), and it is not only about now, but also about the future.