Atiqur Rahman

When currency, not arms, is the weapon of choice

The use of money for good and bad has a long history.

Who will take care of us in our old age?

We need to refocus old age care to ensuring “a good life for the elderly people” rather than on “prolonging their lives.”

The end game of Trump politicking

The campaign for presidential election in the USA is turning out to be rather bizarre. It is divisive, fraught with deception, lies and anger, the kinds of which have never been seen before in US elections.

US Presidential Election: Unexpected twists or masterly staging of a reality show?

The USA has been in turmoil in recent months with the Black Lives Matter activism, police brutality, countrywide pro-diversity protests, show of strength by right-wing activists (mostly white supremacists), with federal forces using heavy-handed tactics to “restore law and order”, and a president seeking divine blessings with the Bible in his hands in front of a church.

The increasing ‘burden’ of the elderly in Bangladesh

The world’s population is ageing, and so is Bangladesh’s.

The pandemic of incivility: Can we stop it from afflicting our country?

Bengal of the past was often eulogised for its culture, religious harmony, tolerance and prosperity. During the Islamic Bengal Sultanate, founded in 1352, Bengal was a major trading nation in the world. It was a growing “civilisation” and a mighty one too. Bengal was called Gangaridae by the Greeks, and Greek historians noted that Alexander the Great withdrew from India anticipating a counter attack from an alliance of Gangaridae.

The hypes and the hopes

The damage inflicted by Covid-19 globally is not just the growing toll of infections and deaths, the overstrained healthcare workers and the sector. It is much more (economic, social, psychological and political), and it is not only about now, but also about the future.

How ‘kowtow’ degenerated into depravity

The practice of kowtow dates back to the Qin Dynasty, when subjects prostrated in front of emperors to pay their respects. It was also practiced in the courts of rajas and maharajas in India; the projas had to prostrate and put up a demeanour of submissiveness to heighten their expression of respect.

FY20-21 Budget: Bangladesh’s high stake gamble to keep its dream alive

Bangladesh is braving the Covid-19 crisis to keep its dream of transition to middle income country alive by putting its economic growth rate for the fiscal year 2020-21 at 8.2 percent.

If history is any indication, humans can defeat Covid-19 too

A virus in distant Wuhan, China did not cause much of a stir initially; but five months on, with five million people infected and more than 3 lakhs dead globally, the coronavirus is a major concern for humanity all over the world. Caught in a stranglehold of death and distress, humans are feeling acutely nervous.

Economic measures we should take in response to COVID-19

The 2020-21 budget of Bangladesh, under preparation now, could have been exciting. The country was having an unbroken run of 6 percent or higher growth rate for the last nine years.

Covid-19: The Italian Experience

Every year, visitors arrive in Italy in droves to enjoy its sun and fun, good food and music, its rich cultural heritage and amazing landscape. The country is vibrant and is never dull. Visitors spend huge sums of money and get good value for what they spend. They come to enjoy what Italy has to offer.