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  • Arafat Ibnul Bashar

  • Are internet shutdowns lawful?

    The notion of access to internet as a fundamental human right has been growing exponentially.
  • State’s liability in cases of custodial torture and death

    Recently, the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in the case of Rathnayake Tharanga Lakmali v Niroshan Abeykoon, Suraweera Arachchige Wasantha and others, ordered the police inspectors liable for a fake encounter and custodial death and also the State to pay compensation to the widow of the deceased victim of the encounter.
  • Membership in international sporting bodies and statehood

    In the case of Reference re Secession of Quebec, the Supreme Court of Canada observes that “the viability of a would-be state in the international community depends, as a practical matter, upon recognition by other states”.
  • Is there a human right to water?

    Although water is an essential element for human survival, access to water was not recognised as a human right when most fundamental rights were adopted under the International Bill of Human Rights. The reason behind this might be that none had predicted that a time would come when water would become insufficient for the masses.
  • Death of Meme Culture in EU

    The European Parliament recently approved the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, popularly referred to as EU Copyright Directive.