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  • Aliza Rahman

  • Dressed for the past

    I didn’t think I’d care to watch videos about dresses worn by people in the centuries past. But that was only until I stumbled upon the YouTube channel of dress historian Bernadette Banner.
  • The pointlessness of using difficult words

    It is not the least uncommon to see people use unnecessarily complex words when a simpler one would suffice. You may have come across people using “quintessential” instead of “essential”, and several other similar mistakes.

    YouTube in Bangladesh is in its budding stages in terms of quality, but its potential is easily visible. There are hundreds of channels, and some have over thousands of subscribers and millions of views. You will find videos on food, health and nutrition, and study tips along with the regular music and comedy.
  • A carnival of colours at IUB

    October 23, 2019 marked the beginning of Independent University, Bangladesh’s annual three-day Club Carnival. Inaugurated by the acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Milan Pagon, and attended by the deans, faculty members, and students of IUB, the event started with music, dance, and bicycle stunts.
  • Extra Explanations

    About 13,000 miles away, dressed, bejewelled, and illuminated by blue, pink, and red lighting is Natalie Wynn, better known as “ContraPoints”.