Ahsan H Mansur

Financial sector reforms necessary to get rid of default loans

Even though the amount of our default loans is over Tk 130,000 crore, according to the government accounts, IMF suggests it is almost over Tk 300,000 crore.

Monetary policy dilemma of Bangladesh Bank

As the covid-19 pandemic unfolded, central banks across the globe responded with a dramatic easing of monetary policy to provide liquidity support for the faltering economic activities.

Monetary policy meets the test of time

As expected, the Bangladesh Bank has announced an expansionary monetary policy.

Some thoughts on Bangladesh Bank’s next monetary policy statement

The next monetary policy statement (MPS) of the Bangladesh Bank (BB) will be announced at a time when the economy is in a deep recession, unemployment is high, millions of people and households have become poor overnight, and the infection level is still on the rise.

Remembering Dr Wahidul Huq -- an untold story

When I was a student and a lecturer at Dhaka University in the 1970s, we used to talk a lot about Dr Wahidul Huq.

Perhaps a rolling budget can give more leeway to fight pandemic

Making the budget for next fiscal year in this time of pandemic will most likely be the most challenging task shouldered by a finance minister yet.

In this moment of crisis, the poor and needy must be aided with cash support via MFS

Bangladesh has started dealing with the severe consequences of the global coronavirus pandemic in earnest, with curtailed economic activities manifested in factory closures, cancellation of and/or sharply reduced export orders, falling remittance inflows, and depressed demand for domestically produced goods and services.

Ensuring food security during pandemic

It is believed that around 1.3 crore people have become jobless in the country so far due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown.

Tiding the Bangladesh economy over in the time of coronavirus

It was clear on Friday that the Western Europe was grinding to a halt because of coronavirus.

‘We’re at the bottom of the industrialisation ladder’

Since the 1990s, Bangladesh has done well in terms of increasing growth. It is apparent that the modest growth that we had during the seventies and eighties has been overtaken by recent growth, especially during the last few decades. Even though the growth is sustainable, it cannot be taken for granted.

Emerging macroeconomic imbalances and roles of BB

Bangladesh Bank issued its new six-monthly monetary policy statement at a time when the economy is at a crossroad due to the