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    I used to feel sad for him. Worried about him for hours and hours when he vanished and wouldn’t return. He went missing for two days once.
  • How to make everyone proud of you Girl Edition

    Welcome to today’s class, fellow sistren. Do YOU want to make people applaud your every action? Who doesn’t want to be ‘the perfect girl’ uncles and aunties rave about at social gatherings? Well good thing I’m here to tell you how:
  • Celebrity Obsession

    Being a fan of someone's work is absolutely fine. It's healthy even, to a certain extent, since it helps liven up our otherwise monotonous daily schedules.
  • A year's story, told in pixels

    This app is basically a digital bullet journal with a rating of 4.8 on Google Play, so you know it's good. It helps you record your moods each day, throughout the year. It's also cute and pretty aesthetic too.

    Throughout history, women have been wrongly associated with witchcraft, spells, and enchantments and were later hunted down, tried, and executed.