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Only the weight of my blanket when I nap is acceptable.

1d ago


How Bengali parents are reluctant to visit their doctor for a check-up.

Carving out a career in the film industry

The practice of telling stories is ubiquitous.


How can you even settle on one film?

Is esports levelling up in Bangladesh?

Over the years, esports has garnered a massive fan following.


Video games are great.

Bidding farewell to the best boy band since One Direction

BROCKHAMPTON's music struck a chord and will leave an imprint.

Meet one of the art directors behind God of War Ragnarök

A self-taught 3D generalist with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts – Tanvir’s skills speak for themselves.


When I first left school and opted for private coaching classes instead, I remember feeling this sense of relief. It meant that I no longer had to get up early in the morning, mumble an oath when sleep-deprived, or endure the pain of having my lunchbox stolen. More importantly, it meant I could go study under the guidance of tea

Experiencing architecture around us

Architecture exists all around us, effecting our daily lives.


The personification of broccolis is the only propaganda I firmly believe in.

What do ride-sharing apps mean for student drivers?

In the corporate sector, most entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree, at the very least.

The Connotations Around “Broken Family”

Raising a child is no easy feat. Single parents have to fulfil the roles of both a mother and a father.

Motivational speaker loses all credibility after using royalty-free music

With a routine corporate talk over at French-Canadian Detergent taking place last week, Bappy Jaliyat began his presentation.

AI-generated imagery: Democratising art or demolishing aspirations?

What we know about creativity and AI has changed by leaps and bounds.

Martin Scorsese lauds local entrepreneur and filmmaker as “pioneer of cinema”

The Academy Award winner did not have a shortage of praises for the man.

Man faces existential crisis as internet brawls fall to zero

A survey conducted by the Department of Hatred over Technology (DHET) revealed a ground-breaking discovery. The phenomenon was thought to be extinct.

Making a living through art in Bangladesh

There is no denying that artists are here to stay. Moreover, it is now easier to get your work out to a larger audience.

The cost of failed athletic dreams

The dream of playing at the highest level must be backed by belief and hope.

The 5 Stages of TikTok

Do any of these apply to you?

Sisters’ Psychosis Services

"What secrets do you hold?"

The definition of 'Made In Bangladesh', redefined

An aspect of Bangladesh's contribution to the global fast-fashion industry.

Films that left an impression in 2021

Flicks that resonated with the SHOUT team.

Local borhani connoisseur looks to set new standards

The Fine Borhani Club is a group that bleeds borhani.

The significance of remastering classic Bangla songs

We, the audience, must wonder how their legacy can be truly preserved.

The Artistry of Classic Bangla Movie Posters

Films that define the golden age of Bangla cinema.

Not Just a “Product of Its Time”

The dangers of such standards plague us to this day.

A Glimpse Into the Animation Industry of Bangladesh

Where does Bangladesh stand in the animation industry?

International Collaborations We Wish Were Possible

Have you ever wondered how it would be if a Bangladeshi artist could have their album cover designed by Tekashi Murakami? Or maybe a graphic novel done by Neil Gaiman and Ahsan Habib? Perhaps even a musical collaboration between Arnob and A.R. Rahman?

The (Dis)honour of Salami

1000 taka from the aunt who lives in Canada? Travesty.

The odyssey of a young visual artist in Bangladesh

“Why not do it for the sake of exposure?”