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  • The slow and steady conservation of the Asian Giant Tortoises

    They are famous because they battled petty criminals, overlords, mutated creatures and alien invaders, all the while trying and mostly succeeding to stay hidden. They are famous, for they were cursed and are now manifestations of an evil spirit stuck in a pond for
  • How are you Tanguar Haor?

    The urgent scratch of a jackal and the whooshing sound of the brewing storm kept me awake for most parts of every night. I would be
  • A rest-stop for vultures

    The forest does not intimidate much, in fact, at times it could feel like an extension of Enid Blyton’s mystical and whimsical children’s
  • One hundred years of madness

    Many hours later as he faced the only open window in his room, Shafiq was to remember that distant afternoon when he took his first born to see the undulating sand dunes of the vast desert.
  • All the talk, we talk

    Many may know Shibu Kumer Shill as the lead singer of Meghdol, a popular soft rock band; some may know of him as a book cover artist who skillfully merges the contemporary with the traditional.