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  • Elevator Technologies of tomorrow

    Taking the stairs is rare these days unless and until you're someone who loses sleep over calories. You come home after a long day, jam your fingers on the elevator button twice or thrice or up to the point where someone asks how bad your day went and get inside for a few awkward seconds standing beside strangers who are equally eager to get off from this temporary confinement. We don't really care about something as trivial as “how good the elevator functioned”. Call it our habit of shutting out certain matters we deem as insignificant or simply being ignorant- ironically, there's an entire industry that cares a lot about how smoothly you get from the ground floor to your apartment or to that kickass hotel suite.
  • Top six tablets in the market right now

    In Bangladesh, the tablet market is relatively a small one compared to netbooks or entry level laptops. And thanks to the
  • UX design myths debunked

    User experience or UX design is underestimated when it comes to building a digital product. People mistake it as interface design and end up ignoring the fact that just because something looks good doesn't mean it works that well.
  • From riches to rags Top tech failures

    From riches to rags Top tech failures
  • LinkedIn mistakes you're too qualified to make

    Opening up an account on LinkedIn is a piece of cake, but you might as well be just another guy on the internet with a profile full of inconsistencies.