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12:00 AM, March 13, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 05:14 PM, May 14, 2015

The director questioned my heavy make up in “U-turn”… Moutushi Biswas

Shah Alam Shazu

Popular TV actress, Moutushi Biswas created a buzz with the film “Bachelor” and is following up her success with another film, titled “U-turn”. In a recent conversation with The Daily Star, Moutushi amplified on her new film and her upward looking career.

Anything you can tell us about “U-turn”?

Moutushi Biswas:  I play the role of a film producer named Toma who has stepped into film production in the footsteps of her father, played by seasoned actor Shahiduzzaman Selim. I really enjoyed my role in the film, directed by Alvi Ahmed. Shooting is complete but dubbing is underway.  

You have appeared on celluloid after a long break. What's your expectation from the film?

Moutushi Biswas: A great deal. It is a film which was made for all strata of society, irrespective of   age. I hope it will release in big theatres like Jamuna Blockbuster and Cineplex.

What about its songs?

Moutushi Biswas: Though “U-turn” is slanted towards acting, it features romantic, item and Sufi songs. I hope the tracks will entertain audiences.

Any memorable moments on the set”?

Moutushi Biswas: During the shoot for a hospital scene, the director questioned me about my heavy makeup as I played the role of a road accident victim lying on a hospital bed. Later, I had to remove the make up. After wrapping up the shooting, the entire team burst into laughter.

What's your plan on the film front?

Moutushi Biswas: Frankly, I'm not in a hurry on this front; ultimately it will depend on a strong plot.

Tell us about your daily soap on ATN Bangla?

Moutushi Biswas: Titled “Sathti Tarar Timir”, the serial is directed by Afsana Mimi. I play a very complicated character in the popular play.

Any recent projects that have proved a challenge?

Moutushi Biswas: “Jhalmuri” where I play the role of a police officer. The play is directed by Redowan Roni. Alongside the cop role, the audience will see me in the role of a domestic help. Both the characters were very challenging.

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