“My iftar isn't complete without a steaming cup of tea” -- Fahmida Nabi

Despite her busy schedule, Fahmida Nabi finds time to not only cook iftar for her family, but to spend time with her friends as well. There's also a special reason she's looking forward to Eid this year, she explains.
Fahmida Nabi

Your favourite dishes on the iftar menu?

Fahmida: The dishes that I've grown up loving at iftar, are not good for my health: peyaju, beguni and jilapi. Muri( puffed rice) is another must-have, although I usually now have boiled chicken salad, tempura and things like that. But no iftar of mine is complete without a big cup of steaming tea. The other thing I really like of late is the large, white variety of chickpea. That tastes really good.

Do you get to cook iftar at home?

Fahmida: Every time I am home during iftar, I do get into the kitchen. My daughter likes various delicacies for iftar, so I try to come up with new things.

Do you go to eat sehri outside sometimes?

Fahmida: Oh, it is one of our popular outings. We have a 'haha-hihi' group (comprising myself, Samina, Sweety, Kaniz Almas Khan and others) – and we go to sehri at Nando's or somewhere a few times. It's hard to coordinate free time during the day, and also traffic can be a buzz-kill, so we take the late-night option.

What are you looking forward to ahead of Eid?

Fahmida: I am doing an album with Iqbal Asif, where Samina and I have sung popular songs. I will also be appearing in an Eid TV show with siblings Samina and Pancham. But most importantly, my other sister who lives in London, is visiting us this Eid, so that is what I am looking forward to the most.


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