Five artists display their works at Alliance

To the Root of Art

Under the banner of “To the Root of Art”, the works of Laila Sharmeen, Mini Karim, Tayabuzzaman Khan Topu, Samiran Chowdhury and Zebun Nehar Nayem have been on display at Alliance Francaise since October 2.

Laila finds peace in the world of “Datta Dayamadvan Damyata.” She shuns mankind's estrangement and greed .Through terracotta, Topu displays his innermost feelings. Like all Bangladeshi painting and ceramic works those of Mini Karim are loud and distinctive in lamenting the loss of faith. Samiran has filled his world with works of art and forms including a stampeding bull.

The artists wish to create beauty which can be appreciated, with acrylic, water-colour, charcoal paper and terra-cotta.

Laila has filled her pieces with trees, boats, plants with carmine and turquoise colours. Her figures are highly imaginative. Her fish, people and houses are lyrical and from her own dream world.

Similarly Zebun Nehar Naim has women adorned with flowers and jewellery done with precision. Samiran Chowdhury has scantily clad beautiful women standing among banana leaves. Topu has men and women in conversation, a profile with elongated ear and hand, a man playing the flute while the women look on.


৫০-১০০ বছর বয়সী ২ হাজার ৩৭৯টি গাছ কেটে সড়ক ‘উন্নয়ন’
১ ঘণ্টা আগে|বাংলাদেশ

৫০-১০০ বছর বয়সী ২ হাজার ৩৭৯টি গাছ কেটে সড়ক ‘উন্নয়ন’

টাঙ্গাইল শহরের কাগমারী মোড় থেকে শ্মশান ঘাট পর্যন্ত রাস্তার দুপাশে গাছ কাটা চলছে।