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Celebrating Mothers: Share beautiful sentiment with the world

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Celebrating Mothers is an initiative to bring together people who share the joy of loving and being loved in return by their mothers. The celebration of that connection is universal.

Despite the differences that make us unique, from ethnicity, gender, class and much more, it is that belief of being cherished and loved without compromise, and the safety that mothers offer us that brings us together.

The heart of The Daily Star’s Celebrating Mothers champions this idea.

Celebratingmothers.today is a site where anyone can participate by simply using the hashtag #MothersDay and #HappyMothersDay and their message will be shared automatically on the site, alongside thousands of others from across the globe.

It is an opportunity to become a part of a global community, which champions a beautiful sentiment, for a day celebrated by many young and old.

The urban lifestyle has shifted drastically in the past couple of decades, with city residents immersed in a hectic schedule made more chaotic by the daily struggles of work, traffic and education. The older generation often reminisces about the bygone times of being active within the community and family circles, and being a part of a strong personal network that makes life more gratifying. Life has changed its pace in Bangladesh and all over the world to meet the growing demands of society. In all the hustle and bustle, where do we leave time to appreciate the universal connection of mothers and their children?

The Daily Star’s Mother’s Day campaign, celebratingmothers.today, is about sharing the most joyous moments, across all extensive social media and online platforms under one umbrella. It’s no surprise to witness social media bombarding the masses with creative and emotional content based on the sacred love between us and our mothers. The idea is to create an exclusive experience for the youth, instead of filtering out and searching for the best moments of Mother’s Day 2016 on social media, the page brings it to you!

Happy Mother’s Day!  


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