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  • Let the media do its job

    World Press Freedom Day, observed yesterday across the globe, has given a grim report of the various onslaughts that journalists face today. It also underscores the importance of press freedom and reminds governments of their duty to respect peoples' right to freedom of expression.

  • Press Freedom Day: Attacks against journos made with impunity

    World Press Freedom Day is being observed in Bangladesh and elsewhere today amid a growing animosity towards journalists across the globe.

  • Surviving in a narrowing space

    It is hardly a new phenomenon to see how governments, especially in South Asia, claiming to be democratic to suit their convenience, become anything but that when it comes to dissenting views. Curbing press freedom, in particular, will always become the target for governments that have succumbed to insecurities of their own creation. Corruption of leaders or their cronies seems to be the topmost reason for state paranoia of the media which is seen as a thorn in the flesh rather than an essential component of democratic maturity.

  • Democracy flourishes where the press works freely

    Today, we celebrate World Press Freedom Day. Established by the United Nations, it offers us an opportunity to celebrate the essential role that press freedom plays in democracy.

  • Who says we're not free?

    Last week, Freedom House, an independent watchdog organisation that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom...

  • freedom of press

    Danger comes with restriction

    Freedom of expression and a vibrant strong democracy go hand in hand. A free press contributes to a stronger society and

  • TIB urges for congenial atmosphere for free media

    Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) urges the government and other stakeholders to create a congenial atmosphere where media can play their role freely and impartially.