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  • UNSC should stand in solidarity with survivors of rape in conflict

    The honour bestowed on us by the Norwegian Nobel Committee in late 2018, when we jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize, comes with tremendous responsibility.

  • Human rights violations in Myanmar's Rakhine State

    Step up efforts for Rohingya return

    The UN Security Council yesterday urged the Government of Myanmar to step up its efforts to create conditions conducive to safe, voluntary and dignified return of the Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh.

  • Dhaka wants UNSC to deliver on Rohingya issue

    Bangladesh wants the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to deliver on Rohingya issue to have a sustainable solution to the crisis as the body having responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security sits on Monday.

  • Rohingya Crisis: China, Russia still unmoved at UNSC

    UN Security Council members, except China and Russia, have called for robust council actions so that Myanmar addresses the root cause of the Rohingya crisis, grants the refugees citizenship and holds those who carried out atrocities against them accountable.

  • UN Ambassador meets Rohingya refugee

    UNSC pushes Myanmar on accountability over Rohingya

    The United Nations Security Council urges Myanmar’s government on Wednesday to carry out transparent investigations into accusations of violence against mainly Rohingya Muslims in the country’s Rakhine state and to allow immediate aid access to the region.

  • Myanmar Rohingya Crisis

    Carry out proper probe

    United Nations Security Council has asked Myanmar to carry out a “proper investigation” into crimes against the Rohingya people by the military, ensure repatriation in line with international standards, sign an agreement quickly with UN agencies and give them unconditional access.

  • Myanmar urged to hold 'proper' probe into atrocities against Rohingya

    Myanmar must hold a "proper investigation" into alleged atrocities against the Rohingya, a UN Security Council envoy says, after the highest-level diplomatic visit to an area from which 700,000 members of the Muslim minority have been driven out.

  • Myanmar ready to receive ‘verified’ Rohingya refugees, says Suu Kyi

    Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi says her country was ready for the return of “verified” Rohingya refugees and sought more cooperation from Bangladesh for the repatriation to begin after delays since early this year.

  • Myanmar Rohingya Crisis

    UNSC team in Myanmar

    Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi received a UN Security Council delegation yesterday in the highest-level diplomatic visit since the start of the Rohingya crisis, which will include a brief tour of violence-hit Rakhine State.

  • Myanmar Rohingya Crisis

    UNSC team reaches Myanmar for Rohingya probe

    Members of a UN Security Council team probing Myanmar’s crisis over its ethnic Rohingya Muslim minority arrive in the country’s capital after a visit to Bangladesh, where about 700,000 Rohingya who have fled military-led violence live in refugee camps.

  • Gustavo Meza-Cuadra

    UNSC's Myanmar Trip: Naypyidaw to 'try to fix ties with world'

    As the UNSC delegation begins visiting Myanmar today its government will make an effort to repair its strained relationship with the international community and allow some of Rohingyas to return to Rakhine State.

  • rohingya refugee

    UNSC trip all too crucial

    The UN Security Council's forthcoming visit to Bangladesh and Myanmar appears to be an opportunity for both the countries to garner the high-powered body's support in favour of their respective strategies on the Rohingya issue.

  • Rohingya crisis issue

    Dhaka urges UNSC to visit Rohingyas

    Bangladesh has urged the UN Security Council to undertake visits to Myanmar and Bangladesh to witness the humanitarian situation of

  • Myanmar needs to engage with UN, Bangladesh

    The UN Security Council has called upon Myanmar and Bangladesh to invite the UN refugee agency and other relevant international

  • Rohingya Refugee Crisis

    UNSC weighing draft resolution

    The UN Security Council is weighing a draft resolution that would pressure Myanmar to address the violence that has driven hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas to flee to Bangladesh. The proposed resolution, drafted by Britain and France, would call on Myanmar authorities to "immediately cease military operations" and allow refugees now living in makeshift camps in Bangladesh to return, according to the text obtained by AFP on Wednesday.

  • IPU call for UNSC intervention

    The Inter-Parliamentary Union has delivered a strong condemnation of the atrocities committed by Myanmar in Rakhine State, adding its voice to the growing call for actions by the global powers.

  • Burnt Myanmar Rohingya villages

    Address human rights abuses in Myanmar

    The United Nations General Assembly and Security Council should immediately take steps to address the human rights abuses and humanitarian catastrophe in Myanmar, said a coalition of Human Rights Watch (HRW) and 87 other civil society organisations yesterday.

  • Govt to brief diplomats of UNSC’s member countries today

    The government will brief nine diplomats stationed in Dhaka representing the countries which are members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) over Rohingya issue.

  • UNSC stepping up response

    The UN Security Council met behind closed doors yesterday to discuss the violence in Myanmar, moving to step up its response to the exodus of 4,80,000 Rohingyas in what has been condemned as "ethnic cleansing." The meeting will set the stage for a public session of the top UN body tomorrow, during which UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is set to brief on the crisis and China, along with other council members, will deliver remarks.

  • Call for UNSC meet

    Seven countries including the US, UK and France have called on the UN Security Council to meet next week to discuss the ongoing violence in Myanmar.

  • Intervene now, take action

    Twelve Nobel laureates and 15 other eminent global citizens yesterday urged the UN Security Council to intervene immediately to end the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar's Rakhine state.

  • UN assures India of Zaki-ur-Rehman release issue

    A UNSC committee assures India that it will take up the issue of Mumbai terror attack mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi at its next meeting.