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  • Water Crisis in Bangladesh

    ADB to help improving urban water supply, sanitation

    Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Bangladesh government signs an agreement of $11 million in loan to develop water supply and sanitation priority in urban area of the country.

  • Ease of doing Business Index 2020

    WB to give $100m for safe water, sanitation

    The World Bank has approved a loan of $100 million to increase access to improved water supply and sanitation system in 30 municipalities in Bangladesh as well as to help build their capacity for delivering water and sanitation services.

  • Living in slum: Where money can’t get you enough drinking water

    Bhashantek slum residents are being deprived of the facilities as well as their fundamental rights, despite paying five times higher than the other Dhaka city dwellers pay for getting minimum facilities of sanitation and waste management.