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  • EU sanctions Russia military intel chief over Skripal

    The European Union slaps sanctions on the two most senior officers in Russian military intelligence and identifies the two agents accused by Britain of carrying out a chemical attack.

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    Russian cruise missiles target Syria

    Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea fire cruise missiles at targets near Aleppo on Friday, a further sign of Moscow's broadening military effort in Syria days after it began to fly bombing missions from an airbase in Iran.

  • Giant holes in Siberia could be signs of ticking climate 'time bomb'

    When a helicopter pilot spotted the first crater in summer 2014, everyone was baffled. The 100-foot-wide hole appeared on the Yamal Peninsula seemingly out of nowhere, during a tense season of Russian military action in Ukraine and international sanctions.

  • Putin vows tough line on Syria threats

    President Vladimir Putin orders the Russian military to take "extremely tough" action against any threat to its forces in Syria.

  • Russia to send new missiles to Baltic exclave

    Russia plans to station state-of-the art missiles in its westernmost Baltic enclave and deploy nuclear-capable bombers to Crimea as part of massive war games to showcase its resurgent military power amid bitter tensions with the West over Ukraine