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  • Male migrants' remittance drops 11pc

    Annual per capita remittance from the male migrants has fallen by 11 percent in 2017 compared to that in 2014, says a new study.

  • Remittance decreases

    Remittance surge continues in March

    The surge of remittance continues for three straight months into March after a two-year slump for what is being described as depreciation of the Taka against Dollar.

  • Bangladeshi workers

    12 lakh migrant workers to be sent in 2018: Minister

    The government is planning to send 12 lakh migrant workers abroad this year, Minister for Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment Nurul Islam says.

  • migration

    Why so many return dead?

    Afzal Hossain of Noakhali had gone to Saudi Arabia for job, spending Tk 6 lakh.

  • Bangladeshi migrants get less for lack of language skill

    Bangladesh’s migrant workers toil in foreign lands for longer hours compared to peers from other countries, but they earn much less as they lack skills and face a language barrier, depriving themselves of a better future and the country of remittance.

  • Remittances bounce back

    Inbound remittance from expatriate workers in the Middle East in fiscal year 2014-15 stood slightly above US$9 billion reflecting a rise of 8 percent from the level of previous year.

  • The future of remittance flows

    While waiting for my connecting flight to Dhaka at Dubai's airport lounge, I came across throngs of fellow Bangladeshi nationals waiting to fly back home.

  • Remittance at record high commendable

    It is heartening to note that the fiscal year has closed posting $15.31 billion worth of remittance, the highest ever in Bangladesh's history.

  • Record $15.30bn remittance in FY 2014-15

    Bangladesh received record $15.3 billion in remittance from expatriates working abroad in the last fiscal year.

  • Wage earners offered tax benefit

    The government finally takes initiative to develop a bond market in the country.