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  • Questioning the role of parents

    As with global warming, Bangladesh has not contributed to the rise of global terrorism anymore than it has contributed to formulating or debating over the definition of “terrorism” itself. Nonetheless, the country is saddled with the spill-over consequences of this crisis, one being the rise of “posh” militants as apparent from the backgrounds of the Gulshan attackers who broke our traditional belief that the root of terrorism lies in poverty, poor education, and madrasas.

  • ‘Rohingya camps turned breeding ground for radicalisation’

    Norwegian Ambassador in Dhaka Sidsel Bleken observes that the Rohingya camps in Cox's Bazar have turned into a breeding ground of radicalisation due to absence of education and employment opportunities for the displaced people.

  • The real face of Bangladesh - moderate, secular

    For Bangladesh, countering radicalisation is a multi-faceted effort that goes beyond the state. It has an active civil society and media which have come together with the government to address issues that are fuelling terrorism via self-radicalisation within the society.

  • Tajikistan's battle against beards to 'fight radicalisation'

    One of the citizens alleges that he was forcibly shaved by Tajik police.