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  • Brent oil hits $75 for first time in 2019

    Brent oil rose above $75 per barrel for the first time this year as quality concerns forced the suspension of some Russian crude exports to Europe while the United States prepare to tighten sanctions on Iran.

  • Govt lowers furnace oil price by 30%

    The government reduces the price of furnace oil by 30 percent.

  • Govt to cut oil prices, finally

    The government has decided to cut fuel prices in a month, as oil prices continue to remain low on the international market for nearly two years now.

  • Oil price 'may have bottomed out'

    There is evidence that oil prices are stabilising and could even begin to rise again, the International Energy Agency has said.

  • Decision time on fuel prices

    The minister of finance has sought the opinion of the ministry of energy on how to revise prices of petroleum downwards.

  • Asian markets higher after global shares turmoil

    Asian stocks open higher after turmoil on financial markets saw European and US indexes tumble following another oil price fall.

  • Global oil price slump and Bangladesh

    As per a projection put forward recently by the country's leading think-tank, the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), we find that a 10 percent reduction in fuel prices could propel the country's GDP growth rate by 0.3 percent, or in dollar terms, nearly $5.2 billion; raise its export earnings by another 0.4 percent and household consumption by about 0.6 percent.

  • Is making profit BPC's only job?

    For around 15 years, Bangladesh had to struggle with import of oil because the price continued to climb from just $25 in1998 a barrel to $145 in 2008. The country's oil importing agency Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) counted staggering losses from 1999 till mid 2014.

  • Dip in international oil price

    The logic being offered by the government for not adjusting the oil price in the country with the international price is that the BPC is making up for the huge 'losses' it has run up over the years.

  • Price cut not on govt's mind

    Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation this year is expected to log in twice the profit it counted in fiscal 2014-15 on the back of the low oil price on the international market. The benefits of this low price, however, are yet to trickle down to the consumers.

  • Sloshing oil, slapping bouts, our interests

    While maxi-oil wars are playing out in the Middle East and North Africa we have our mini version of an oil battle to be won at home.

  • Cut power tariff, BNP tells govt

    BNP demands that the government reduce power tariff after adjusting current oil price on international market and revising the deals signed with private power generating companies.