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  • The End of NATO?

    What is left of NATO and the transatlantic order after US President Donald Trump's tumultuous week in Brussels, the United Kingdom, and Helsinki, where he defended Russian President Vladimir Putin against accusations of cyber warfare by America's own intelligence agencies?

  • Trump claims victory after forcing Nato crisis talks

    US President Donald Trump hails a personal victory at a Nato summit, saying allies had sharply increased defence spending commitments after he provoked a crisis session with a tirade at European leaders.

  • Taliban suicide bomber attacks NATO convoy in Afghanistan

    A Taliban suicide bomber rams a vehicle filled with explosives into a convoy of foreign forces in Afghanistan's restive southern province of Kandahar, causing casualties, officials say.

  • Trump backs NATO as he warns future of the West at stake

    US President Donald Trump pledges his backing for NATO at the start of a high-stakes visit to Europe as he warned that the future of the West was at risk.

  • G7 summit

    Merkel says Europe must take fate into own hands

    Europe can no longer completely rely on its allies, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says, pointing to bruising meetings of G7 wealthy nations and NATO last week.

  • Turkey regains control after deadly anti-Erdogan coup bid

    Turkish authorities say they have regained control of the country after thwarting a coup attempt by discontented soldiers to seize power from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that claimed more than 250 lives.

  • Mullah Akhtar Mansour

    Afghan Taliban appoint new leader after Mansour's death

    Afghan Taliban have named a deputy to former leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour as their new leader, a spokesman says in a statement, the group's first official confirmation that Mansour was killed in a US drone strike.

  • Russian PM Medvedev says new cold war is on

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says “we have slid into a new cold war”, with Nato and some countries describing Moscow as “the worst threat”.

  • Afghan forces 'kill Taliban fighters'

    A local Taliban commander and 50 fighters have been killed in overnight fighting in the Sangin district of Helmand province, Afghan officials say.

  • Taliban bomb kills six foreign soldiers

    A suicide vehicle bomb attack on a patrol near a base at Bagram in eastern Afghanistan kills six foreign soldiers and injured three, Nato says.

  • Nato says won't send ground troops to fight IS: Report

    Nato has ruled out sending ground troops to fight against Islamic State militants in Syria, Nato General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg told a Swiss newspaper, stressing the need to bolster local forces in the conflict.

  • Nato says won't send ground troops to fight IS: Report

    Nato has ruled out sending ground troops to fight against Islamic State militants in Syria, Nato General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg told a Swiss newspaper, stressing the need to bolster local forces in the conflict.

  • The Grand Theatre of War

    World War I was once thought of as 'the War to End All Wars'. But the hypothesis that “violence can be extinguished with greater violence” has since been thoroughly disproved and should have no place in modern statecraft. Yet it is the bedrock of anti-terrorism.

  • Putin sends air-defense missiles to Syria to deter Turkey

    In a move raising the potential threat of a Russia-NATO conflict, Russia said Wednesday it will deploy long-range air defense missiles to its base in Syria and destroy any target that may threaten its warplanes following the downing of a Russian military jet by Turkey.

  • Audio of ‘warning’ to Russia jet issued

    The Turkish military has released an audio recording of what it says were warnings to a Russian warplane before it was shot down on the Syrian border.

  • Downed plane pilot denies Turkey warning

    The surviving pilot of a Russian plane shot down by Turkey on the Syrian border says no warning was given, and the plane was inside Syrian airspace.

  • Belgium raises terror alert to highest level

    Belgium raises its terror alert to the highest level in the capital Brussels on Saturday, with the OCAM national crisis centre warning of an "imminent threat" a week after the Paris attacks.

  • Belgium raises terror alert to highest level

    Belgium raises alert status for its capital Brussels to the highest level on Saturday, shutting the metro and warning the public to avoid crowds because of a "serious and imminent" threat of an attack.

  • Five Nato personnel die in Kabul crash

    Five people, including two RAF personnel, have been killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

  • Russia, US to hold Syria air talks

    Russia is to hold more talks with the US on air safety during the two countries’ Syrian bombing campaigns, says the Pentagon.

  • Nato 'concern' over Russia Syria role

    Nato defence ministers will assess the "troubling escalation of Russian military activities" in Syria, the alliance's secretary-general says, ahead of talks in Brussels.

  • Turkey summons Russia envoy again

    Turkey again summons the Russian ambassador after a second violation of its airspace by a Russian warplane operating in Syria in two days.

  • Afghan forces 'regain Kunduz control'

    Afghan officials say they have regained control of key areas of the northern city of Kunduz from the Taliban.

  • Taliban tighten grip on Afghan city of Kunduz

    Taliban fighters seize a military hilltop site in Kunduz, tightening their grip on the northern Afghan city.

  • Nato warns on Russian role in Syria

    US and Nato express concern over reports that Russia is increasing its military presence in Syria.

  • 10 militants killed in Pakistan air strikes: Officials

    Air strikes kill 10 suspected militants in Pakistan's northwestern Shawal Valley, intelligence officials say.

  • US to store heavy weapons in Poland

    The US will make a decision soon to store heavy weapons including tanks and infantry fighting vehicles in Poland, the Polish defence minister says.

  • car bomb attack

    Car bomb kills 3 in Kabul

    A car bomb rams a convoy of foreign troops near the main airport in Kabul on Sunday, killing at least three civilians in the latest attack in the city.

  • Afghanistan suicide blast kills 33

    A suicide bomb blast in Afghanistan's eastern city of Jalalabad kills 33 people and injures more than 100 outside a bank where government workers collect salaries.