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  • Reshuffle lower judiciary

    Lower courts' freedom undermined by 3 rules

    The lower courts have been made subordinate to the executive by three "cardinal" rules, Dr Kamal Hossain and five other leading jurists of the country said yesterday.

  • Judge shortage hits lower courts

    Some 397 posts of lower court judges, including 51 district judges, are lying vacant due to delay in recruitment, hampering the

  • Supreme Court places election bar on 3 BNP Upazila Chairmen

    One judge, 2,000 cases

    Each lower court judge, on average, is overburdened with around 2,000 cases for their hearing and disposal. A total of 1,397 judges have been dealing with more than 27.5 lakh cases across the country.

  • Fourth Amendment: It 'impairs freedom of lower judiciary'

    The amendment giving the president the power to have control over lower courts violates the basic structure of the constitution as the