LDC graduation | The Daily Star
  • Is LDC graduation a panacea?

    Bangladesh has successfully met all three criteria for LDC graduation in the first review in March 2018. It is expected that Bangladesh will be able to meet the graduation criteria in the second review in 2021 and will finally graduate from the LDC status in 2024.

  • Developing country

    Roads to watch out today

    The government chalks out a two-day programme from today to celebrate the country's eligibility to graduate to a developing country from a least developed one.

  • Learning from peers and graduates

    The outlook for the United Nations' (UN) list of least developed countries (LDCs) is finally looking optimistic after 47 years of lacklustre performance since the category's establishment in 1971. There have been 52 inclusions and only five graduations to date according to the UN Committee for Development Policy's (CDP) triennial reviews. Bangladesh, an LDC, remains on track for graduation.