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  • Couple injured in Uttara ‘robbery’

    A Taiwan couple is injured by suspected robbers at their Uttara residence in Dhaka.

  • Tavella killing: 'Target was any white man'

    Italian citizen Cesare Tavella murder suspects confess to being hired for killing “a white man” to create anarchy in the country, according to chief of Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

  • Tavella’s body may be sent to Italy tomorrow

    The body of Italian citizen Cesare Tavella, who was shot dead in Dhaka’s Gulshan diplomatic zone, might to be sent back to his country tomorrow.


    Perhaps it is an unprecedented, albeit a fatalistic and fatal instance of co-operation between Italy and Australia. With the tragic murder of the Italian national in Dhaka (our way of saying 'thank you' for coming here to our aid), Australia finally makes its case to cancel its cricket trip to Bangladesh.

  • Is the wolf just around the corner?

    The nature of the crimes tells us one thing for sure, that these are the work of professional men. Whether those men acted on their own, or on behalf of an extremist group, or a political cartel is critical because that can give us an idea at what rate the fuse is burning to set off explosion.

  • Creating disorder in Bangladesh

    While attempts are being made to create disorder and insecurity in Bangladesh by killing foreign nationals – politicians are busy playing a no-holds-barred blame game against each other.

  • Will the killings affect the economy?

    Following the killing of an innocent Italian citizen on September 28 in Dhaka, tensions have been engulfing us on all sides. Diplomatic missions, quite naturally, alerted their citizens to stay safe and take precautions while moving around the city.

  • Japanese national gunned down in Rangpur

    Five days into the killing of an Italian citizen in Dhaka, a Japanese national is gunned down in northern district of Rangpur. Five persons detained for interrogation.

  • Italian citizen's murder, a rude awakening

    The antennae of some Western diplomatic missions in Dhaka had received a signal that 'Western interests' might be targeted in a terrorist attack.

  • DMP forms team to assist Tavella murder probe

    Dhaka Metropolitan Police forms an 11-memebr police team to assist the investigation officer of Italian national killing case.