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  • Islamic Republic of Iran

    Huge pro-regime rallies in Iran

    Tens of thousands gather across Iran in a massive show of strength for the country's Islamic rulers after days of deadly unrest, with state television showing vast crowds marching through several cities.

  • Iran protests: Trump's Iran policy faces sanctions test

    US President Donald Trump has signalled support for anti-government protests in Iran, but in two weeks he faces a decision on US policy toward the Islamic Republic that suddenly seems riskier than it did a week ago.

  • Iran protests: Supreme leader Khamenei blames 'enemies'

    Iran's supreme leader blames the country's "enemies" for days of unrest that have seen 21 killed and hundreds arrested in the biggest test for the Islamic regime in years.

  • Protests hit Tehran, 2 demonstrators killed in Iran

    Street protests hit Iran for a third day running, spreading to the capital Tehran with crowds confronting police and attacking some state buildings, and a social media report said two demonstrators had been shot dead in a provincial town.