Hazarat Shahjalal International Airport | The Daily Star
  • 47 trafficking victims return from Thailand

    A total of 47 Bangladeshi human trafficking victims, who were rescued by Thai authorities last year from Andaman Sea, reach Dhaka.

  • Scuffle at Dhaka airport

    A chaos erupts at Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka after a security staff of Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh stopped working and protested detention of one their colleagues by armed police on charge of taking bribe from a passenger.

  • 9.5 Kg gold seized at Dhaka airport, 5 held

    Customs and Customs Intelligence officials in separate drives seize around 9.5 Kg gold and detain five people at Dhaka airport.

  • Biman 'false' fire alarm forces emergency landing

    Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight from Singapore with 210 passengers makes emergency landing at Dhaka airport after one of its engines sent false fire alarm, official says.