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  • Girls drop out before SSC Examinations in Bangladesh

    Better lives for girls are coming, but we must speed up

    It is understandable that we focus on the injustices faced by girls – in getting the education they need, or having their voices heard, or simply to be an adolescent without being forced into marriage and motherhood. We must repeatedly demonstrate that girls are denied their rights simply because of their gender.

  • Why is the education budget not larger?

    On average, a teacher handles 50 students, when it should be no more than 30. Can it be denied that much more should be spent on primary education and at other stages of education?

  • Fanatics won't be a barrier to girls' education: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says fundamentalism or fanaticism would not be a barrier to girls' education in Bangladesh as the people are conscious about which is good for them and which is not.