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  • GDP growth in Bangladesh

    BB unveils a cautiously optimistic monetary policy

    The central bank yesterday unveiled a cautiously optimistic monetary policy for the second half of the fiscal year, keeping room to provide adequate supply of quality credit to support the growth and inflation targets.

  • Bangladesh: From a take-off stage to actual take-off

    Budget implementation capacity of Bangladesh has been falling consistently for the last seven fiscal years, exposing poor capacity of government agencies, The Daily Star reported on June 4, 2018. Despite a sustained increase in GDP growth rate for over a decade, the implementing capacity has dropped from 97 percent in 2010-11 to a mere 78 percent in 2016-17, it further adds.

  • Why is Bangladesh booming?

    Bangladesh has become one of Asia's most remarkable and unexpected success stories in recent years. Once one of the poorest regions of Pakistan, Bangladesh remained an economic basket case—wracked by poverty and famine—for many years after independence in 1971. In fact, by 2006, conditions seemed so hopeless that when Bangladesh registered faster growth than Pakistan, it was dismissed as a fluke.

  • How to benefit more from GDP growth

    At a recent press conference, representatives of the World Bank (WB) questioned the 7.65 percent economic growth estimate and the estimate of 7–8 percent growth of domestic demand that the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) came up with for FY17-18. Zahid Hussain, lead economist of the WB's Dhaka office, said there are two causes that could lead to such a spike (growth of employment and labour

  • Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal

    Minister shocked over GDP growth forecast by WB, ADB

    Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal is shocked over the downsized projection by the development partners (DP) on the country’s economic growth in the current fiscal year.

  • Asian Development Bank

    ADB projects 7pc GDP growth for FY18

    The Asian Development Bank projects 7 percent economic growth for Bangladesh for the current fiscal year, much below than the government’s provisional estimate of 7.65 percent.

  • Record growth in tough year

    Bangladesh has achieved a record economic growth of 7.28 percent in the last fiscal year despite a fall in rice production and also in industrial growth. The gross domestic product rose by 0.17 percentage points in fiscal 2016-17 from 7.11 percent in the previous fiscal year, according to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics data.

  • Chittagong sea port

    GDP growth 7.28% in 2016-17: Govt

    Bangladesh has ascertained its growth for the last fiscal at 7.28 percent, highest ever in history of the country’s economy and more than what was targeted.

  • Budget an economic illusion: CPD

    Debapriya Bhattacharya, the distinguished fellow of CPD, terms the proposed budget for the FY 2017-18 as “economic illusion” saying that there is no clear indication between income and expenditure in it.

  • Big dream, grim reality

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith has really dreamt of a big budget in every respect -- from expenditure to revenue generation. And he no longer wants to live in the 6 percent GDP class to push beyond 7 percent. But his big dream promises to put extra pressure on people across the board, as he plans through his VAT and other tax proposals to extract that extra penny from every pocket.

  • The price of non-governmental growth

    It is well known that since the 1980s, Bangladesh has made astonishing progress on a wide variety of development indicators such as reducing the prevalence of extreme hunger and poverty...

  • WB warns of water scarcity-driven growth curb

    Water scarcity, exacerbated by climate change, could cost some regions up to 6 percent of their GDP, spur migration, and spark conflict, World Bank says in a report.

  • The World Bank logo

    WB doubts 7.05% growth prediction

    World Bank expresses doubt about the 7.05 percent provisional estimate for Bangladesh’s GDP growth for 2015-16 fiscal year. The question is whether the official estimate is consistent with other growth-related indicators, says Zahid Hussain, the lender's lead economist.

  • GDP or Happiness?

    Imagine a world where you earn a decent living, the state treats you with fairness, there is little carbon emission in the environment...

  • Central bank cuts policy rates

    The central bank has cut its policy rates for the first time in three years in an effort to spur investment and the GDP growth.

  • No Surprise; It Keeps Growing

    It is often said that numbers do not lie, but when it comes to the Bangladesh economy, the saying appears to be on shaky grounds.

  • Menon deplores govt’s failure to curb graft

    Expressing dissatisfaction over government's failure to ensure good governance, Rashed Khan Menon saysthe country's GDP growth rate will rise by 2.5 percent if corruption can be curbed effectively.

  • Budget 2015-2016: GDP growth and private investment

    Bold and aggressive measures are needed to establish specialised economic zones to attract private investment. Large scale public investments are required for special economic zones. Thus, the call for very ambitious growth target for revenue seems justifiable.

  • Rising trend continues

    We shall invariably see that the Defence Budget will be 'Guillotined' in the evening of June 30 with no discussion on the subject. Military issues have often been shrouded under the cloak of secrecy.

  • From 'good-enough' jobs to 'decent' jobs

    Though there are many views on 'inclusive growth', the key consensus is that inclusive growth is a growth process which reduces poverty, inequality and social exclusion and promotes 'decent' jobs and economic and social cohesion.

  • economic growth

    Hurdles to investment

    One of the key determinants behind this growth rate has been the accumulation of capital (i.e., investment). The regulatory environment for business in a country can have a direct impact on this...

  • Bangladesh performs well in inclusive growth

    AS per a report published by ESCAP titled 'Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015', Bangladesh is ahead of both India and Pakistan in terms of inclusive growth.

  • Economic rating remains stable

    STANDARD & Poor (S&P), the global rating agency has reaffirmed the 'BB-' long-term sovereign rating for the country.

  • GDP swells, per capita income raises to $1,314

    Bangladesh’s economy increases by 6.51 percent in the first current fiscal year, up from 6.1 percent last year.

  • Unrest biggest risk to near-term outlook: WB

    Political unrest, vulnerability in the banking sector and low investment stand in the way of higher GDP growth and economic development, the World Bank said.

  • A journey through light and shadow

    BANGLADESH'S War of Independence in 1971 was the culmination of a prolonged movement for emancipation from economic, political and cultural subjugation by West Pakistan.

  • The Hurt of the Average

    WE are objective and neutral in our assessment when it comes to sourcing”, announced a brand's moderator in a conference held for the benefit of twenty global manufacturers in Hong Kong forty-eight hours ago. Sitting right by the Harbour with a splendid view of the waves crashing against the rocks, the meeting soothed most of us while we listened to the stories from the other readymade garment suppliers from the other parts of the world, namely Pakistan, India, China and Myanmar.

  • GDP growth rate

    Growth rates and instability

    AN interesting trend can be observed when one takes a look at the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates of the country during the past few years. If GDP growth rates are plotted according to year, it has a resemblance to a wave, containing a peak and a trough. The dips in the economic growth rates can be seen during election years where rates start to decline in the years preceding the election years.