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  • Demonstration chokes Hong Kong as extradition anger boils

    Hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in central Hong Kong against a reviled extradition law, the latest huge demonstration to pile pressure on the city's embattled leader, despite her weekend climbdown.

  • Hong Kong suspends controversial extradition bill

    Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has delayed indefinitely a proposed law to allow extraditions to mainland China, in a dramatic retreat after widespread anger over the bill sparked violent protests in the Asian finance hub.

  • Hong Kongers alarmed by Google translation gaffe

    Hong Kong social media has lit up when protesters noticed Google's translation software was briefly churning out a rather odd suggestion during a week that has seen the worst political violence to hit the city in decades.

  • Protesters scuffle with Hong Kong police

    Scuffles breaks out between protesters and police in Hong Kong as hundreds of people remained on the streets to protest a planned extradition law with mainland China, a day after police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators.

  • Hong Kong police fire rubber bullets as protests turn to violent chaos

    Hong Kong police have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators who threw plastic bottles as protests against an extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial turned to violent chaos.

  • Thousands protest China extradition bill in Hong Kong

    Several hundred thousand people have jammed Hong Kong's streets in a last bid to thwart a proposed extradition law that would allow suspects to be sent to China to face trial, with police bracing for the biggest march in the city in 15 years.