exploitation | The Daily Star
  • Their homes burnt, where will they go?

    A report published in this daily on March 27 has once again brought to the fore how the vulnerability of indigenous communities is often used as an instrument of exploitation against them.

  • Move to curb sexual exploitation of children

    A website has been launched in Dhaka city with a view to curb commercial use of sexual exploitation of children in Bangladesh.

  • Experts caution against anomalies

    The deal signed by Dhaka and Kuala Lumpur yesterday leaves a legacy of controversies and creates chances of corruption and labour exploitation like that during 2007-08, experts and industry insiders have said.

  • A nation drowning in its own fear

    Never before in our history have we lived in so much fear. Never before have we suffered from so much anxiety to find our enemies hiding in the crowd.

  • Failures in Cambodia RMG sector

    Workers in Cambodia’s garment factories often experience discriminatory and exploitative labour conditions including dismissal by employer at will and poor government inspection and enforcement, making it difficult for the vast majority of whom are young women, to assert their rights