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  • New Education Budget: To fit the purpose

    The Tk. 49,000 crore or US$ 6.3 billion allocated for education, when divided by the estimated 40 million students in the country, amounts to Tk. 12,000 per student public spending for a year or about US$ 150 on average for all levels of education.

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    Education gets a big boost

    The government broke with its tradition in education by boosting the allocation 32 percent year-on-year to Tk 49,009 crore for the next fiscal year.

  • Why is the education budget not larger?

    On average, a teacher handles 50 students, when it should be no more than 30. Can it be denied that much more should be spent on primary education and at other stages of education?

  • Education: Not a Commodity

    Finance Minister Abdul Muhith desperately wants to break out of the six percent growth trap and he seems to believe that this can be done with a larger budget.

  • Education budget lamentable

    It is no wonder that Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid is lamenting the poor budgetary allocation for his ministry, with only Tk. 4000 crore allocated for educational development purposes, while other ministries have been given Tk. 16,000 crore to realise their development objectives.