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  • Safety measures absent in most

    Prepare hospitals to tackle disaster situations

    The recent incident of fire at Suhrawardy hospital has once again exposed the fact that our hospitals are not at all prepared to handle any emergency and post-emergency situation such as fire or earthquake.

  • Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

    Cooperation is crucial

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday stressed the need for collaboration and cooperation among neighbouring countries to minimise damages caused by natural disasters.

  • Disaster management in Bangladesh: Reducing vulnerabilities

    Bangladesh experienced over 200 natural disasters since 1980, leaving a total death toll of approximately 200,000 people and causing economic loss worth nearly $17 billion.

  • Earthquake tackling body in every Dhaka ward

    Dhaka city authorities today have decided to form ward-level bodies throughout Dhaka to improve disaster management following an earthquake in the densely populated city.

  • Big earthquake coming, warn Indian experts

    Indian Union home ministry's disaster management experts warn of a bigger catastrophe, earthquakes with a magnitude of 8.2 or greater on the Richter scale which may hit the already ruptured Himalayan region, reports The Times of India.

  • Time to prepare for the next disaster

    The World Bank estimates that every dollar invested in disaster prevention saves $4 in disaster damage. A single large disaster can cost between three to six percent of a developing country's economic output.