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  • Shakib’s hunt for a soulmate

    The film, Moner Moto Manush Pailam Na, starring Shakib Khan and Shobnom Bubly has been approved for release in Bangladesh by the censorship board.

  • Bangladeshi Actor

    Male leads who reign supreme in Dhallywood

    If there is one thing that is certain, it is the fact that life is ephemeral. The new will take the place of the old, turn old and then someday, will give their place to the new again; such is the rule of existence. Like everything else, this is applicable for the world of

  • Shakib Khan and Bubly to shoot ‘Password’ in Turkey

    Popular actors Shakib Khan and Bubly will soon be headed to Turkey to shoot three songs for their upcoming film, Password. The cast and crew will be filming at some of the most beautiful locations of the country.

  • Dhaliwood King Shakib Khan


    The king of Dhaliwood is now going to be more active online. His official YouTube Channel, Shakib Khan Official will soon provide subscribers with brand new video contents.

  • Shakib Khan and Nusraat Faria

    Shakib Khan and Nusraat Faria pair up for a TVC

    Dhaliwood King Shakib Khan will be seen in a television commercial of a leading digital communications service provider alongside Nusraat Faria.

  • Shakib Khan-Bubly

    Look out for - Chittagainga Poa, Noakhailla Maiya

    News anchor turned actor Bubly is pairing up with Shakib in this film, directed by Uttam Akash. This famous pair has already entertained us with some other popular films including Shootar, Bossgiri and Rangbaaz.

  • Shakib Khan latest film Chaalbaaz

    Chaalbaaz making moves!

    It shouldn't really be a surprise at this point. Once again, for the umpteenth time, another Shakib Khan film has hit off really well with the fans. Shakib's latest film Chaalbaaz, released last week on 27th April, has