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  • inclusive development

    We need inclusive development

    Watching TV talk shows nowadays has become tantamount to listening to people trumpeting development projects taken or being taken by the government.

  • Changing the way we think about poverty and development

    There are some words in the popular lexicon that we hear and read about every day but very few appreciate or understand the depth of these words. “Development” and “poverty” are two good examples.

  • The democracy vs development debate

    A dichotomy can be defined as the presence of two alternatives that are jointly exhaustive (only these two alternatives, and no more than these two, exist) and mutually exclusive (the existence of each alternative excludes the other).

  • Do not cross

    Government walking a tightrope

    The information being gleaned from suspects and their laptops is that there is external finance being funnelled in through informal channels such as hundi. But the most worrying development is the discovery of bomb making material and knowhow amongst some of those arrested.

  • The devil in development

    The word “development” - eliciting as it does grandiloquent notions of progress - has become, at least in Bangladesh, something of a red herring.

  • Denmark approves 5-yr dev partnership with Bangladesh

    Denmark has approved a five-year development partnership with Bangladesh.

  • ESCAP projects 6.8% growth for 2016

    In contrary to the government’s growth expectation of beyond 7 percent for 2016, a United Nations body has said it would not exceed 6.8 percent.

  • Indigenous people and Dalits face discrimination

    TIB lauds safety standard at garment industries

    Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) yesterday lauded the improvements in the safety standard at readymade garment industries in Bangladesh and termed the development “revolutionary”.

  • No load shedding despite heat wave

    Power Development Board (PDB) says power supply now stands at a historic high. It is now supplying around 8300 megawatt of power—a sharp 800MW jump from last year’s corresponding period.

  • Development and Democracy: Time to look to the East

    It was December 6, 1971 in the White House situation room when the joint forces of Bangladesh and India were quickly marching towards Dhaka.

  • A model, not a test case

    In 1976, a book titled “Bangladesh: The Test Case of Development” drew significant attention and the hopeless implications of the title...

  • PM to address nation tomorrow

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to address the nation tomorrow to highlight the success of her government in seven years.

  • Development up, democracy down

    It is nothing but an air of optimism for the present and the future if the major development activities --both at planning stage and under implementation by the Awami League-led government are considered. But the state of democracy in the country tells of another tale, not so happy or bright.

  • Quader for borderless connectivity among BBIN

    Road, Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has batted for “borderless connectivity” with Bhutan, India and Nepal to “achieve fruit of the transport corridor” among these nations.

  • Bangladesh now unstoppable in dev, says PM

    Renewing her allegation that the BNP-Jamaat clique is behind the recent killings, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says Bangladesh is now unstoppable in its development drive and no conspiracy can deter it.

  • British minister Desmond Swayne visits Dhaka

    UK Minister of State for International Development Desmond Swayne arrives in Dhaka on a three-day visit to reaffirm the UK’s commitment to supporting Bangladesh’s development.

  • Cabinet okays draft of ICT policy

    The cabinet approves the draft of the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Policy-2015 in a bid to ensure development in the ICT sector.

  • CPD-budget

    Budget financing biggest challenge says CPD

    Financing the 2015-16 fiscal budget will be its biggest challenge, CPD says placing doubts on whether the revenue target can be met.

  • Tk 200cr for enclave people

    The finance minister proposes allocating Tk 200 crore for expediting development in the enclaves in the upcoming fiscal year.

  • €10.5m more EU fund for primary schools

    European Union announces release of €10.5 million fund for the primary education of Bangladesh through its sector budget support operation.

  • Electricity will go to every house: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reiterates her government's commitment to reach electricity to every house saying seventy percent people now have access to electricity and much time would not be needed to reach electricity to every house.

  • Govt okays 600MW Indian power import

    Government approves of importing additional 600MW power from neighbouring India at a cost of about Tk 1,600 crore via the electricity interconnectivity grid.

  • Development vs democracy

    THE Western media was all about Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of modern Singapore, when he died recently.

  • Mars has Nitrogen, key to life: NASA

    NASA's team Curiosity Rover has found nitrogen on the surface of Mars which is a significant discovery that adds to evidence the Red Planet could once have sustained life, the space agency said.

  • DFID top official in Dhaka

    Mark Lowcock, UK Permanent Secretary for Department for International Development (DFID), arrives in Dhaka on a two-day official visit