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    DCCCB Meet 2018

    DCCCB Meet 2018

  • Audi Quattro 1:24

    Legendary 1986 Audi Quattro in 1/24 scale, a car designed only using set squares by a man wearing square glasses.

  • Custom Hot Wheels: Usdm Build-off

    Bangladesh's model car collectors participate in a USDM themed build-off to show what magic they can create.

  • Mini cars, big meet

    Model car collecting is a hobby best suited for individuals with patience and a taste for war as everyone scrabbles for the best pieces. Here's the 2nd meetup of the biggest collectors' group in Bangladesh.

  • DCCCB holding scale model photo contest

    Die-cast Car Collectors Club of Bangladesh (or DCCCB for short) are having a big meet up on 12th of September.

  • Ferrari week

    Last week, members of Die Cast Collectors Club Bangladesh showed off the Ferraris in their collections. A brilliant collection of classic