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  • Don’t share anything on internet without verification: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stresses the need for filtering the harmful digital contents properly, urging the people not to share anything on internet or social media without verification.

  • Messaging app to protect Hong Kong protesters’ identities

    Telegram, a popular encrypted messaging app, will allow users to cloak their telephone numbers to safeguard Hong Kong protesters against monitoring by authorities, according to a person with direct knowledge of the effort.

  • Cyber security readiness in banks

    A recent survey titled “IT security of banks in Bangladesh: threats and preparedness” carried out by the Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) paints a rather dismal picture of certain banks and their ability to combat cyber threats.

  • Bangladesh ranks 73 in global cyber security index

    Bangladesh ranks 73 out of 100 nations in the global cyber security index measured by UK-based National Cyber Security Index (NCSI).

  • Threats of the unseen kind

    A budding computer scientist pursuing a PhD at the McMaster University, Canada recently wrote a blog post on the increasing human capacity for self-destruction enabled by science. First, it was the atomic bomb created by physicists, then it was the nerve gas created by chemists, and now the neural networks created by cyber nerds that pump enormous power into artificial intelligence bots—bots that can take over our lives, manipulate our behaviour, and pretty much get us to do anything they please.

  • swift

    Russia’s bank says hackers targeted its SWIFT computers

    Hackers tried to steal 55 million roubles ($940,000) from Russian state bank Globex using the SWIFT international payments messaging system, the bank said on Thursday, the latest in a string of attempted cyber heists that use fraudulent wire-transfer requests.

  • Beware of hackers when choosing a password

    The founder of the website publishes an impressive list of more than 300 million names and character strings that have been stolen in recent years.

  • Trump says discussed forming cyber security unit with Putin

    US President Donald Trump says in a tweet that he discuss forming a cyber security unit to guard against election hacking with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • Ransomware attack affects 30 PCs in Bangladesh

    Thirty computers were reportedly affected so far in Bangladesh by the global ransomware attack, which affected computers in nearly 100 countries on Friday, says a non-government research organisation.

  • Going forward - Balance between convenience and security

    If we stay attuned to the experts and practitioners working in the financial and banking sectors worldwide, new threats and methods used by the crooks can be neutralised before any damage is done to our own emerging system.

  • Govt blocks 2 messaging services

    Bangladesh telecom regulator has blocked Threema and Wickr, two highly secured messaging services, along with some blog and Facebook links after receiving requests from intelligence agencies that claimed they spread atheism and criticise Islam.

  • BB heist: Top Asia IT security meet to be held in Sri Lanka

    The recent Bangladesh Bank heist has brought to light the criticality of cyber security for a nation and its economy. And therefore emphasises the need to secure the cyberspace with collaboration from the cyber security community across borders.

  • Facebook to respond in 48 hrs: Tarana

    Facebook authorities will response to any complaint by the Bangladesh government within 48 hours, says State Minister for Telecom Tarana Halim.

  • ‘Telecom operators will be forced to compensate call drops’

    The country’s mobile phone operators will be forced to compensate their users for call drops, State Minister for Telecommunication Tarana Halim says

  • The limitations of ICT and Cyber Security Acts

    The Cyber Security Act is now open for virtual consultation on the ICT ministry's website.

  • John Kerry cyber security

    US raises cyber concerns with China

    President Barack Obama has raised continuing US concerns over China's cyber activities, as two days of talks between the two nations came to an end.

  • Cyber security

    CYBER CRIMES: A threat that must be countered

    The cyber world might be at its peak today but it's not necessary danger-free. There are thieves, robbers, killers, cheats, and thugs in this world.