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  • Children with Cancer: In silence, they perish

    Mohammad Kabir Hossain, 43, had dreamt of building a house for his family using the money he saved from an overseas job. That dream, however, took a backseat when his third child was diagnosed with cancer. Kabir used up all his savings, sold whatever land he had, along with his grocery store, for his child’s treatment.

  • [WATCH] Celebrating the life of Diti

    Very few know that the talented actress actually aspired to become a singer. But she established herself as one of the most loved actress both on television and silver screen.

  • Actress Diti laid to rest

    Famed Bangladeshi actress Parveen Sultana Diti was laid to rest in Sonargaon of Narayanganj next to her parents in a family graveyard.

  • Actress Diti loses battle with cancer

    From a simple small town girl with dreams of becoming a singer, she became one of the biggest film stars of her era. And much like the action heroine roles that she made a name for herself with in the '90s, Parveen Sultana Diti was a fearless fighter for most of her life, until the battle with brain cancer got too big on her on March 20, just 11 days before her 51st birthday.

  • Proton cancer therapy 'proves effective'

    A cancer treatment at the centre of an NHS controversy in 2014 causes fewer side effects in children than conventional radiotherapy, according to new research.

  • Parents hope 'frozen' child will live again (video)

    A two-year-old Thai girl became the youngest person to be cryogenically frozen, preserving her brain moments after death in the hope that she will one day be brought back to life.

  • Horror director Wes Craven meets his doom at 76

    Wes Craven, a master of cinematic horror classics like “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream” dies at 76 after suffering from brain cancer.

  • Joe Biden's son dies of brain cancer

    Former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of US Vice President Joe Biden, dies Saturday after battling brain cancer.