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  • Bangladeshi workers of Sri Lanka factory

    11 sent back home from Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka has deported 11 Bangladeshis who used to work in a factory owned by Inshaf Ibrahim, a man involved in the Shangri-La hotel bombing in Colombo.

  • The Bangladeshi migrant worker turned award-winning writer in Singapore

    Migrants are often said to have built the imposing city of Singapore, making up around a quarter of its workforce, but are arguably not yet considered part of Singaporean society.

  • Bonded labour in Oman?

    The Human Rights Watch (HRW) has just released a 68-page report titled “I was sold” that outlines the near-slavery conditions for migrant domestic workers in Oman.

  • Beating of Bangladeshi: Migrant workers deserve respect

    The CCTV footage is of an angry altercation involving a Bangladeshi worker and a male customer regarding the cleaning of the interior of a luxury SUV at a car wash in Malaysia. The worker is slapped on the face several times.

  • migrant worker

    Amnesty for illegal Bangladeshi expats in Oman soon

    Around 47,000 illegal migrant workers in Oman, mostly Bangladeshis, can make use of the amnesty that will be officially announced by Oman government soon.

  • Bring home our boys

    THE government has formally enlisted the help of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) for the estimated 1,500 to 3,000 Bangladeshis trapped in war-ravaged Yemen.

  • Bangladeshi workers taken hostage

    ANOWAR Hossain and Helal Uddin are two Bangladeshis among other foreign nationals who have been taken hostage by the Islamic State or some other militia group in Libya.