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  • Kazi Nazrul Islam Award 2017

    Kabi Nazrul Institute to confer Nazrul Award 2017

    Some people have dedicated their lives to make sure that the true essence of Nazrul remains an integral part of our culture. Out of the various initiatives taken by the Nazrul Institute, one such venture is to recognise and honour those Nazrul exponents who work tirelessly to uphold the opulence of Nazrul Sangeet, during the poet's death anniversary every year.

  • The Immortality of Spirit

    Gems of Nazrul release 'Mrityu Nai' marking Feb 21

    Gems of Nazrul, an initiative to portray National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam's musical genius in new light and popularise his spirited songs, has released its seventh music video - “Mrityu Nai”, marking Language Martyrs’ Day and International Mother Language Day.