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  • New evidence raises questions about Myanmar’s intentions

    Despite Myanmar’s repeated claims that it is ready for Rohingya repatriation, satellite images show no sign of reconstruction of villages destroyed during a 2017 military-led crackdown, even worse, destruction of residential buildings has continued in the state.

  • ASEAN leaders call for restraint amid sea row, US-China rift

    Southeast Asian leaders press their call for self-restraint in the disputed South China Sea and renewed their alarm over the US-China trade war, with one leader warning it may spiral out of control.

  • Quit UN for ‘systematic failure’

    The Free Rohingya Coalition, a global network of Rohingya activists, has demanded the resignation of UN Secretary General António Guterres and other senior UN leaders for the global body’s “systemic failure” in addressing “genocide” against the Rohingyas in 2017.

  • Rohingya refugees

    ‘Asean stands ready to provide healthcare to Rohingyas’

    Asean cannot discuss with Myanmar on how to provide citizenship to the Rohingya, but stands ready to provide healthcare and education, says Singapore’s Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan.

  • AI could mean 28m jobs lost

    New technology could mean 28 million jobs being lost in the ASEAN region.

  • India-Asean trade on the rise

    India-Asean trade on the rise

    India-Asean trade relations have been growing steadily, with Asean being India’s fourth largest trading partner. Both sides have set a target of at least US$200 billion in two-way trade by 2022 compared to US$ 71 billion in 2016-17.

  • Rohingya influx

    Myanmar troops committed mass rape of women

    Human Rights Watch yesterday accused Myanmar security forces of committing widespread rape as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Rohingyas in Rakhine State.

  • UN to work with Asean to resolve crisis

    The UN wants the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) to intensify actions to solve the Rohingya refugee crisis, in which, it says, it is ready to cooperate with the 10-member regional body.

  • Leanne Goh

    Leanne Goh appointed chair of ANN

    The Star's editor-in-chief Leanne Goh of Malaysia has been appointed the Asia News Network chairperson for the period 2017/2018. The appointment was made by the Executive Board of ANN, an alliance of 22 media from 21 countries over the weekend.

  • Malaysia debates pulling out of ASEAN cup over Rohingya crackdown

    Malaysia is considering pulling its side out of a major regional soccer tournament co-hosted by Myanmar in protest over Myanmar's crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims, a senior Malaysian official said on Wednesday.

  • Dhaka for greater connectivity among Asean countries

    Bangladesh wishes to intensify political, economic and cultural connectivity with the Asean countries, Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali says.

  • ASEAN has 'One China policy' in the South China Sea

    ASEAN needed to show a semblance of unity more than ever now, and their common statement on the South China Sea raises some hopes that the group can still pull off an important stunt like this at a time when most observers had given up hope.

  • Bangladesh an attractive destination for business

    Bangladesh has continued to be an attractive destination for Japanese companies to do business due to its lower production cost and labour wage compared to those of 19 countries in Asia and Oceania.

  • Malaysia police note terrorist threats against Asean summit

    Malaysian authorities say already tight security has been increased at and near the venue of the ASEAN summit following a reported, but unconfirmed, terrorist threat.

  • Beauty belies dark trade

    The dense mangrove forest on both sides of the road to the Bang Ben bay through Laem Son National Park is indeed intriguing.

  • Thai-minister

    Bangkok talks over Asia migrant crisis

    A regional conference, with the member states of Asean and representatives from the US and the UN, is under way in the Thai capital Bangkok to discuss possible solutions to the South East Asia migrant crisis.

  • Devastation by Typhoon Yolanda

    Nature's wrath hits hard

    The warnings could not have been more severe: a monster named Haiyan was coming, a storm carrying rains at wind speeds no one on Earth had ever seen or felt before, so strong it could sweep the sea inland.