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  • Conspiracy theories and beyond

    The Democratic and Republican parties have made presumptive nominations of their presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

  • Gloat with a Battle Cry

    For Trump, the wall makes absolute sense. After all, he is a real estate magnate. He HAS to BUILD a legacy, so why not something that he's really good at.

  • Clinton, Sanders clash in New York debate

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders come to blows in a heated US presidential debate in Brooklyn, raising the stakes in their increasingly acrimonious race to clinch the Democratic nomination.

  • The anti-Trump: Obama stepping into campaign fray

    President Barack Obama has opened his final presidential campaign — against Donald Trump.

  • Why Trump?

    Some people run simply out of ego or greed. The publicity that attends a presidential bid can garner even a failed candidate a book contract, a television gig, or a well-paid speaking career (or perhaps all three). Trump ran on the basis of his celebrity.

  • Clinton, Sanders hit back on cancelled Trump rally

    US Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders has hit back after Republican front-runner Donald Trump said he had sent protesters to disrupt his rallies.

  • The American Idol

    The Grand Old Party does not know how to stop Trump and it is their fault. Throughout history it's a party that has won elections mostly on anti-government rhetoric.

  • Donald Trump- using democracy to an autocratic future?

    The avalanche of Donald Trump's presidential campaign success reached new levels this Tuesday...

  • Current state of the American presidential race

    The American presidential race is a not a sprint - it is a marathon. As someone who has completed several marathons...

  • Cruz tops Trump, Clinton ties with Sanders in Iowa caucuses

    Ted Cruz fells long-time Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton was battled into a virtual tie with rival Bernie Sanders on Monday, as Iowans held the inaugural vote of the 2016 White House race.

  • Demographics as Destiny: The Republican Conundrum

    The Republican dominance in the House has been fuelled by the spectacular rise of conservative media which directly helped the rise of the Tea Party movement, a grassroots, non-college white protest against President Barack Obama's healthcare programme.