21st February | The Daily Star
  • Theatre festival

    Celebrating the spirit of International Mother Language Day

    Honouring the heroic struggles and sacrifices of our martyrs for our mother tongue Bangla, a fourteen-day theatre festival to mark the International Mother Language Day began in Sylhet on Monday.

  • Debasing the memory of Amar Ekushey

    Growing up in a coastal town, I have seen people from all walks of life—students, artists, politicians, workers, peasants, and everyday families—participate in social rituals of Amar Ekushey.

  • The political algorithm of 21st February

    Understanding the political setting of the Language Movement and 21st February requires an examination of how religion played very different roles before and after the 1947 Partition in East Bengal.

  • US Embassy video honours language martyrs

    The US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Marcia Bernicat, and staff of the embassy mark the International Mother Language Day by solemnly honouring the language martyrs and convey their best wishes to the Bangladeshi people in a special video message.

  • Nation pays homage to Language martyrs

    Throngs of people walking barefoot, singing songs of patriotism are paying homage to the Language Movement martyrs, who sacrificed their lived for mother tongue Bangla marking a day of supreme sacrifice.

  • Education in Mother Language: 40% population denied globally

    Though children should be taught in a language they speak or understand, as much as 40 percent of the global population does not have access to that kind of education.

  • Embassy of Bangladesh Nepal

    Int'l Mother Language Day observed in Kathmandu

    The Embassy of Bangladesh in Kathmandu observed Shaheed Dibash and International Mother Language Day on February 21 with solemnity and pageantry. A day-long programme to commemorate the day began with the hoisting of the national flag at half-mast at the Chancery by the Ambassador in the morning, says a press release.

  • Monirul Islam_Alpana

    The appeal of alpana is universal... Monirul Islam

    Alpana is a popular folk art form. The word alpana is derived from the Sanskrit “alimpana”, which means 'to plaster' or 'to coat with'. The colour of alpana has an intimate relation with Amar Ekushey. In a recent conversation with The Daily Star, eminent artist Monirul Islam spoke about alpana and its long-standing connection with paintings worldwide.

  • 21st February

    The music that gave it grandeur

    Sometime around the '60s, then president of Pakistan, Ayub Khan, was to visit the Dhaka radio station at Shahbagh. Massive preparations were underway to put up an impressive show. As the youngest group at the station, we were preparing for a live performance and were training under eminent composers Abdul Ahad, Samar Das and Abdul Latif.