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  • Cancer Care Services in Bangladesh

    Cancer Care Services: Ridiculously inadequate

    Even though cancer is a major cause of death and much physical, financial, mental and emotional suffering, the current situation of cancer prevention and treatment in the country is ridiculously inadequate, claim health experts.

  • Cigarette top killer

    Tobacco is the single most important risk factor for cancer. Bangladesh is one of the largest tobacco consuming countries in the world; each year tobacco-related diseases kill over 100,000 people in Bangladesh, and among this about 38 percent deaths occur from tobacco related cancer mortality, a recent research has shown.

  • Rebuilding trust on cancer care in Bangladesh

    There is no official record available to verify the overall current situation of cancer in Bangladesh; however the data collected by GLOBOCAN shows the current situation of cancer in this region, especially India, Bangladesh and Nepal is quite terrifying.

  • Traditional stoves causing lung cancer in women

    Traditional stoves causing lung cancer in women

    Ayena was trying to be as quick as possible, adding woodchips to the flame under a clay cooking stove by a roadside in the capital's Rampura. A crowd of half a dozen people was waiting for her to deliver the pithas (a kind of cake).