I made a mistake: Umpire after no-ball chaos

Carlos Brathwaite, Tanvir Ahmed
West Indies skipper Carlos Brathwaite talking to umpire Tanvir Ahmed. Photo: Firoz Ahmed

Bangladesh umpire Tanvir  Ahmed, who wrongly no-balled West Indies pacer Oshane Thomas twice in the fourth over of the third and final T20I has admitted that he made a mistake owing to his inexperience.

"In terms of a no-ball, there is always the issue of the foot and the line being close to each other," Tanvir was quoted as saying by Bangla daily Prothom Alo. "And if the bowler jumps quickly, there are occasions when it is difficult to spot it. I am new to international cricket, I made a mistake," the umpire said.

"If you look at my past, I don't have a bad history. It was one mistake. Inshallah, I will come back well. Every person has good days and bad days. Yesterday I had a bad day. The match just ended yesterday. I am not focusing on anything else. I am thinking about my mistake," he added.

The incident led to a an eight-minute break in the game as Windies skipper Carlos Brathwaite, unaware that a no-ball decision cannot be reviewed, argued on with match officials. Bangladesh lost the match by 50 runs as the tides changed after that incident.

"I never ever want to accuse someone of cheating and I stopped short of that because they (match officials) are professionals too and I don't think there was any intention to be biased, for lack of a better word, a cheat," Brathwaite said of the officiating which hampered the game.