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If famous meet cutes happened in Bangladesh

For anyone confused about what exactly a meet cute is, it is a scene where the two leading characters of a romantic movie or TV show who are destined to be together, meet for the first time. Romantic comedies are never complete without an interesting meet cute, but what would change if these meet cutes happened in Bangladesh?



It was a scorching hot summer day as Antora entered the bustling hub of all wannabe readers – Dhanmondi Boi. As she passed by books that were vastly outnumbered by the people around, she somehow managed to spot a big book about travelling. Even though she dabbled through some of the other books, the big one just stole her heart. When she went to the counter to pay for it, in true Bengali fashion, she tried to bargain. What she didn't expect though was that the man behind the counter, whose name was Wasif, she later learned, gave her a 20% discount. Happy with her purchase, she hurried outside. She was walking fast and warily, as you do in the streets of Lalmatia, when she suddenly bumped into a man. Her white kameez was soaked in tea and the man, who turned out to be Wasif the bookkeeper, offered a handkerchief to clean her up. “Who drinks tea in this hot weather?” she screamed in disarray as she wondered what she would do now. “I drink my tea cold, you're lucky you didn't get singed. I live in Block C, I could help you clean up,” said Wasif nonchalantly. Insulted by his blatant show of what she assumed was perversity, she screamed expletives at him and walked away, trying to hide the stain with her orna.



When the clock struck 5, Tahmid put his headphones on and headed straight to the office lift. His cheap red Beets headphones weren't that great, so everyone could hear what he was listening to. Tahmid, however, was unaware of this fact. Borsha ran in just in time as the doors of the lift shut behind her. She was the crush of every man in the office, including Tahmid, but he didn't have the courage to say a word. “I love Ayub Bachchu,” said Borsha cheerfully. Tahmid couldn't hear her over the loud Bangla love music and assumed she said hi, so he nodded. To clear up the confusion, Borsha sang, “Shei tumi keno eto ochena hole,” and pointed at his headphones. “Ayub Bachchu. I love him,” she said with a smile and left the lift, leaving Tahmid feeling all sorts of things.



Eid always calls for a trip to desher baari. Young Selina aboard a train to Chittagong could not take the incessant bickering of the couple sitting next to her, who were clearly from Chittagong. After about 15 minutes, she finally decided to take her bags and find a seat further back. As she sat down, she noticed a man around her age sitting on the other side. He had a book in hand, so did she. The couple passed between the two, still arguing, and Joshim plucked up the courage to ask Selina if she had any idea what they were saying. Selina was brought up in Dhaka just like Joshim and so was equally clueless. Joshim proceeded to ask her what she was reading. Selina held up her copy of “Gitanjali.” She asked him the same, and he quite embarrassedly showed her “Aaj Dupure Tomar Nimontron.”



The great Titas, a brand new five-star launch, was set to sail around the Buriganga for a two-day trip. On the first night, Jamil was walking to the back of the ship, paan in mouth. Golapi was standing on the edge of the railing, about to jump into the murky depths of the river. Jamil immediately tried to stop her, but she was adamant she'd jump, while still holding on tightly to the rail. To give her an idea of how deep the fall would be, Jamil spit out his paan into the river. Golapi watched in fear as the red blob kept falling down and down. “If you jump, I'd have to jump too, and I'd really like to not do that because you know how dirty the water is,” said Jamil. Golapi blinked in confusion and asked, “How dirty?” “You know the road in Dhanmondi 12/A that always stinks because of the open garbage disposal? Your corpse is going to smell worse than that if you're ever found,” replied Jamil with a sly grin. That was more than enough to convince Golapi not to jump.


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