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12:00 AM, December 21, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, December 21, 2017

I got a fidget spinner for stress relief

Did it work though?

“Stress” is a word most people are familiar with nowadays. The reason for the sleepless nights and the premature wrinkles, stress has managed to infiltrate the lives of many. Hence, I ventured on this search for the ultimate stress reliever with the hopes of achieving peace.

About a few months ago, my social media exploded with a million pictures and videos of this one rotating object – the fidget spinner. Be it on top of cakes, on t-shirts, baseball caps, or even tattooed on people's bodies, the fidget spinner was everywhere. People of all ages were making DIY fidget spinners at home, slime fidget spinners, doing makeup with fidget spinners (yes, you read that right) or even going on to spend thousands just to buy special ones that played music or displayed an impressive show of lights. I thought that I had finally found the perfect remedy for stress.

I went down to the general store to buy this magical thing. I was amazed by the myriad of choices the shopkeeper showed to me, given that it was a grocery store that mostly sold grains and fresh produce. The fidget spinner came in all colours and shapes imaginable. After a hard time deliberating over my options, I finally decided on one that had a beautiful light display when it rotated. Thanks to my great bargaining skills, I even got a discount! It was my lucky day.

I took it everywhere – to class, to my cousins' homes for winter dawat, even to the washroom. I was determined to find out if I would indeed be rid of all my adolescent worries. Well, I was transfixed by the colours every time I spun it, and often turned off all surrounding lights to give it the limelight. In addition to that, it made a whizzing sound that was a lot like the wind rushing at extreme speeds during a storm. My fingertips got used to the vibration of the spinner and moved automatically to make it rotate every time it slowed down. I could feel myself beginning to turn into those people obsessed with this weird rotating object. I went on YouTube and learned new tricks. I learned about torque, where one moves their hands perpendicular to the motion of the spinner to feel this external force as if a wind is blowing against it. I got to know about its internal structure and why it rotates for so long. I was hooked!

However, I realised that I still couldn't sleep very well at night and often woke up in the middle of the night after having nightmares of missing all my deadlines and failing all my exams. I was being less productive as I was always spinning my yellow spinner and not doing any of my homework. My eyes hurt from looking at the light display in the dark. Even though the fidget spinner was addictive, it failed to provide me with the one thing it promised – stress relief.

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