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CSR: A pathway to sustainable development

After eight divisional dialogues spanning eight districts of the country, the CSR Dialogue concluded with the final programme titled CSR Dialogue: Dhaka on September 9, 2021.

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Bangladesh Consumer Protection in The Digital Age

In our country, we have always been reactive instead of proactive. As we are seeing now, a large number of consumers have been exploited by some unscrupulous e-commerce enterprises.

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Towards a Covid-resilient disability inclusive labour market

BBDN is a non-profit trust established by the BEF to create a disability-inclusive labour market system in Bangladesh.

Bridge communication gaps in CSR

Speakers at an online discussion recommended that companies put more focus on communicating their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes to grassroots organisations.

Ensuring Choices and Rights

This year, the World Population Day focuses on comprehensive rights and choices on sexual and reproductive health. The theme itself refers to the global consensus that reproductive health rights...

Engage more young people in CSR

Speakers at an online discussion recommended that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives should engage local youth organisations by providing them with the opportunity to access CSR...

Disability Inclusive National Budget 2021-22

The Daily Star and Access Bangladesh Foundation in collaboration with five organisations of Persons with Disabilities - DCF, NCDW, Sitakund Federation,

Strengthened Civil Society Protects and Promotes Women’s Rights

The Daily Star and NETZ in partnership with WE CAN and DASCOH Foundation organised an online discussion titled “Strengthened Civil Society Protects and Promotes Women’s Rights” on April 24, 2021....

Strengthened Civil Society Protects and Promotes Women’s Rights

There are various factors contributing to this increase in domestic violence and child marriage; one of them being the loss of income in most families which has caused a state of uncertainty for...

Ensuring land and food rights at the time of COVID-19 and beyond

Two-thirds of the world’s population and two-thirds of the poor people live in Asia. The poverty situation and vulnerabilities of the marginal farmers and the various marginal communities are of...

Inclusion, cultural integrity and land rights of the Indigenous Peoples in Asia

Solidarity and coordination among the indigenous peoples (IPs) in different countries of Asia are very important. In Bangladesh, about two percent of the population consists of IPs.

Importance of incorporation of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) education in the National Curriculum for the prevention of sexual violence

People speak about how our society, values, culture, family bond, and reputation are in ruins. However, we know that many aspects of our traditions go against women and their equal rights. Even our...