United Hospital organizes patient forum with kidney patients on the occasion of World Kidney Day

On the occasion of World Kidney Day on 11th March, the United Hospital Renal Care Center organized a patient forum with kidney patients entitled 'Staying Well with Kidney Disease'.

The event was attended by kidney patients and other members of their families, who shared the story of their well-maintained lifestyle. About 40,000 people are infected with kidney disease in the country every year. Kidney disease is a silent killer and people over the age of forty are at higher risk of kidney disease.

Umme Salma, a kidney transplant patient, shared the role of her mother in the fight against kidney disease. "My mother is a hero," she said. My mother saved my life with her kidney. Doctors were supportive and gave her the courage to have a kidney transplant. For those who are afraid to donate, she recommended consulting a doctor. Salma said, "I am fortunate that my transplant was done in the country just before the transplant stopped. There are many for whom it is very expensive to go abroad for transplant. So the kidney transplantation should start again in the country."

Sheikh Arif appreciated the effort from the doctors of United Hospital who thoroughly listened to him and suggested a treatment which made decision easier. Besides, Dr. Shegufta Nesar, who was afraid to take dialysis initially, said that she visited dialysis centers multiple times but it was the proper guidance of the doctors which helped her to start the treatment. Her words encouraged and motivated everyone present at the occasion. Kidney patients and their relatives expressed their gratitude to the United Hospital authorities and kidney specialist doctors at the event.

Mr. Mohammad Faizur Rahman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of United Hospital, spoke on the occasion, expressing his conviction to the slogan of World Kidney Day - 'Living Well with Kidney Disease'. He highlighted sincere efforts of all the physicians in kidney treatment. Since its inception, United Hospital Renal Care Center has maintained its excellence in quality and compassion and has continued to serve the people of this country. He said United Hospital had never stopped dialysis services even during the pandemic, among other services. There were even separate dialysis arrangements for Covid patients. In his speech, he emphasized on annual health screening - if diseases are diagnosed at an early stage, severe medical complications can be prevented.

Kidney specialist, Consultant Professor. Dr. Md. Nurul Islam, Consultant Dr. Tanveer Bin Latif and Consultant Dr. Tania Mahbub spoke on the occasion along with their doctors and colleagues. Dr. Shagufa Anwar, Director, Communication and Business Development, United Hospital also spoke on the occasion.

United Hospital is conducting a week-long social awareness program on the occasion of World Kidney Day. In addition to this Patient Forum, kidney specialists of United Hospitals will be attending seminars, kidney awareness activities at various clubs, corporate houses and will also be present on various television talk shows.


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