How we can mitigate the effects of rising inequality

Economic inequality is the primary driver of civil unrest, with global, regional and national issues contributing to instability.

2d ago

Daniel Kahneman and his influence on our policymaking

One of my favourite economists, Daniel Kahneman passed away a few weeks ago, on March 27.

2w ago

How to reduce the employability skills gap / Why do university graduates remain unemployed?

The responsibility for the current employability skills gap in Bangladesh is shared by many parties, including students and the UGC.

3m ago

The strange economics behind Trump’s resurgence

The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll shows Trump leading Biden by seven points.

3m ago

Could we (please) do better in controlling food prices?

There have been reports of increase in food prices in domestic markets during the post-election weeks

4m ago

What the economy may look like in 2024

The verdict so far is that the year will see slow GDP growth but also experience lower inflation.

4m ago

A first-person tribute to Dr Saleemul Huq / The environmental movement has lost a valiant advocate

For me, Saleem was an activist friend, a mentor, and a fellow traveller

6m ago

Claudia Goldin’s economics Nobel and the lessons for developing countries

A fundamental takeaway of Goldin’s work is that the source of the gender gap is not constant as a society transitions from one period of development to another.

7m ago

Banning hundi won’t solve Bangladesh’s forex problem

Eminent economists have blamed the hundi market for the sorry state of Bangladesh’s forex reserves and the downward pressure on our exchange rate.

1y ago

Our world is becoming economically fragmented

Even though globalisation may have peaked, it is far from being wholly reversed, and Western countries need to stop weaponising trade and economic policy.

1y ago

What is holding Bangladesh's GDP growth rate down?

Pursuing GDP growth at the expense of people’s well-being will bring it down.

1y ago

With the right policies, we can be cautiously optimistic about 2023

Emerging markets and developing economies are expected to grow at the rate of 3.4 percent, maintaining the steady growth from 2022's expansion.

1y ago

Has Bangladesh become 'a dual society'?

There is an abundance of wealth in pockets and for a segment of the upper crust of civil society commingling with the underlying sub-strata consisting of the populace who fight hunger and poor health.

1y ago

From COP27 to COP28: The tricky road ahead

Attribution Science can play a leading role in figuring out which countries the money should flow to

1y ago

In a time of crisis, global leaders have failed us

Countries in Southeast Asia had until recently taken for granted a stable relationship between China and the US to preserve their own prosperity.

1y ago

Bad economic policies and Biden’s loss

One of the few axioms of US politics is the loss of seats by the president's party in midterm House elections

1y ago

Economics Nobel for Central Bankers?

Winners of the Nobel Prize in economics this year were rewarded for their work in the 1980s that 'significantly improved' the world's understanding of banks.

1y ago

What Bangladesh needs to consider before devaluing the taka further

The taka has been devalued against the dollar in seven steps this year.

1y ago
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