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12:00 AM, August 30, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, August 30, 2018

The eight types of people you'll meet before an exam

Whether it's your A-level exam or just a simple coaching mock, you're bound to meet a wide variety of people with hugely contrasting mentalities right before you sit for one. Some of them you'll hate, others you'll love because you find them so relatable; either way, you better get used to them –



Exam season is their season. Even though everyone ignores them for the entire semester, they suddenly become outrageously popular the weeks before exam. They have a reputation of attending every single class, filling up notes with different highlighters to mark the important points and asking lecturers questions that they already know the answer to but do it anyway just to be in their good books. You'll see people flock over to them for tutoring sessions in the days leading up to the exams.



These are the ones that love to live on the edge. Before the exam, you'll see them sitting idly. That's because unlike most people who tried to finish the entire syllabus last night, they picked one topic they thought was important and only studied that. They often have the ''Whatever happens will happen'' mindset, although at times when they turn out to be unlucky, you can't help but feel bad for them.



Out of all the categories, these people are arguably the worst. If you call one of these people the night before the exam, chances are more than likely that they will say, “Bro, I can't even find my notes'' while simultaneously studying from three different reference books. Minutes before the exam, they will act all nervous or say they didn't study anything. That's what makes it so infuriating when they get above 90% in all of their exams.



Whether they are seeking assistance from practically everyone or praying to God, these people are a complete mess the last few minutes before the exam begins. In classes, they don't pay attention because they're too busy dissing the toppers. Talking to other people just makes their experience worse as they get exposed to newer and newer information that they didn't even knew was in the syllabus.



These people are basically the antithesis of the toppers. They won't bother studying anything before the exam and focus on how to cheat instead. Some of the worrywarts might even approach them for some sneaky tips. From knowing the walking routes of the invigilators to teaming up with backbenchers, these people always find a way to pass. It's essential that you don't become one because they are often seen suffering when they get caught or when security is extremely tight.



Often the primary source of any nearby noise pollution, these people won't let themselves or anyone around them study properly. They think the solution to every problem is having a meet-up or partying like there's no tomorrow (or at least like there's no exam). If you call them up, they'll immediately get bored and change the topic. True, they can help you relax if you're overdoing it, but overall their bombastic personality could lead you to not studying at all.



These are the ones who take exams the most seriously. The moment any test is announced, they will shut themselves from the rest of the world and start cramming like crazy. All-nighters and group study sessions become a part of their life. They go full incognito mode for weeks but finally resurface during the day of the exam, having studied the entire syllabus thrice but still wishing that they had more time to revise.



Last but definitely not the least, we have the mom friend. Whether you're stressed over a particular chapter or the entire syllabus, you'll most probably call this friend to calm yourself down. They help you alleviate the tension and can pretty much guarantee you which parts will appear in the exam. Some of them might even offer you to come to their house so that they can help you with your problems. Everyone deserves a friend like this.

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